Wumpus World


Game Objective:

Two players aim to find hidden gold while avoiding a lurking Wumpus and treacherous pits.

  1. Prepare a 4x4 grid on the floor using chalk or floor tiles.
  2. Ensure sound is turned on; Player 1 needs to hear the game sounds.
Game Rules:
  1. A hidden Wumpus occupies a random square on the grid, unknown to Player 1. Stepping on it leads to death.
  2. Two pits are also hidden in random squares. Stepping on a pit results in death.
  3. Player 1 starts in the top-left square as indicated on the grid.
  1. Player 1 can move to any adjacent square on the grid.
  2. Player 2 moves Player 1's avatar on phone / tablet / computer mimicing player 1 moves.
  3. Player 2 can use arrow keys / drag n drop, to move Player 1's avatar.
Movement Rules:
  1. Player 1 waits for in-game sounds before moving again.
  2. Player 2 drags and drops to mimic Player 1's moves.
  3. Only adjacent squares can be moved to (no diagonal movements).
Sound Clues:
  1. A breeze sound indicates the presence of a nearby pit (left, right, top, bottom, but not diagonal).
  2. A stench sound means a Wumpus is nearby (left, right, top, bottom, but not diagonal).
Player 1's Goal:
  1. Player 1 must navigate the grid to find the gold while avoiding Wumpus and pits.
  2. The only guidance for Player 1 is the sound of breeze and stench.
  3. Continue until Player 1 finds the gold or falls victim to a pit or the Wumpus.
  4. Refresh the game to start a new round.